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The Furbo Dog Camera is the only smart camera designed for dogs. It lets dog parents see, talk and toss treats remotely.

The treat-tossing, clicker training, light indicator and most importantly- the barking alert, makes Furbo the one and only camera that's made for dogs.

Our vision is to bring joy and innovation to every pet lover in the world. We're a passionate startup full of dreamers and builders who truly believe in making a difference in our pets' lives through innovation. Our customers are the millions of pet parents who feel awful about leaving their pets at home alone when they go to work. We’ve interviewed over a thousand dog parents and discovered that this is the #1 problem pet parents face around the world and we’re excited to solve this problem for them. 

We’re always apart from our furbabies, but all we ever wanted is to always be together. That’s why we set out on a mission to create a simple way for us to always be together with our dogs.

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Type of Product Subscription Boxes
Member / Business Name Furbo
Website Furbo.com
Condition New
Price $179.00 USD

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Furbo Dog Cameras

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