Draminski Ovulation / Estrous Detectors



If you are a breeder then keep reading!

The Draminski Ovulation / Estrous  Detectors come in range of sizes suitable for dogs, Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Aplacas. The probe was developed in 1983 and is used extensively around the world. The probe reads the electrical resistance changes that take place in the vaginal mucus when the animal is in season and will pinpoint 100 % accurately the time off ovulation. Once or twice daily readings are taken from the animal and mapped on a provided chart that will allow you to determine the optimate time for mating. This unit is a no brainer for anyone breeding for success and profit .

No more expensive progesterone tests, missed mattings or unnecessary travel expenses.


  • Detecting the best mating time
  • No need to repeat mating
  • Helps to identify ‘silent heat’ and ovarian cycle disorders
  • Reduction of costly visits to the vet
  • Allows for eliminating the stress related with repeated attempts at mating
  • Reduces travel costs related to re-mating

Measurement process

Measurement is made by inserting the probe in the animal’s vagina. The result is obtained after conducting a measurement cycle. It is advised to conduct one or two measurement cycles per day.

The set includes:

  • DRAMIŃSKI DOD estrous detector
  • 1 x 9V 6F-22 type battery
  • Measurement sheet
  • Transport case with foam insert
  • Manual

Contact the team at Advanced Farm Systems for more information!

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Draminski Ovulation / Estrous Detectors

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