2018 Pet Industry Predictions


​As we move into the new year the team has been thinking... what are the predictions for the pet industry in 2018?

After some brainstorming, trusty Googling and chatting with industry partners, team PuppyGoGo.com have come up with our Top 5 Pet Predictions for 2018.

Prediction 1: Pet Food & Nutrition
Our bodies are temples and the same goes for our furry friends. The trend towards a well rounded pet diet will gain traction. There will be an increased demand for foods with quality nutritional profiles which also promote ongoing health and preventative benefits.

Prediction 2: Expansion of Pet Tech Products into the Mainstream
In a world of endless gadgets, wearables and remote connectivity will continue to feature. Smart pills, alternative health methods and genome analysis are expected to become more widespread.

Prediction 3: Customisation
Our pets are part of our families and each have their own 'pawsonality'. Pet owners will continue to seek out bespoke products that reflect their style.

Prediction 4: Data, Data, Data
We will start to hear more about the collection, use and application of pet data. Whilst only a young field this will be one to watch. The possibilities are endless...

Prediction 5: Niche Products & Services
There will be increased specificity tied to pet characteristics such as breed, size and age. This will promote targeting of both products and services to particular niches.

Although we don't know which of these will come true, what we do know is that 2018 will be an exciting year for both pet owners and business alike!

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