Pup of the Month: May 2018

Meet Charlie our Pup of the Month!

Miss Charlie Brennan-Hornby is a snuggly Cavoodle. Like all pups she is full of curiosity and loves exploring her new house and playing with her family.

A growing cosmopolitan girl, her favourite food is BBQ chicken (mmm… chicken 🤤) and she is also partial to a dollop of Greek yoghurt.
Charlie can at times have a bit of a split pawsonality... one minute she gets into play chew mode and the next she is ready for snuggles and snooze time with her mum and dad. Kids be cray!

She has a brother named Finn Chapman-Burke who she can't wait to see again in a few weeks' time. Until then, she has lots of toys to keep her occupied. Her all time fave being the toy pup given to her by grandma (that happens to look just like her). She also is very fond of her new rat toy and is always nibbling on its tail 🐭.

After a big day of exploration, Charlie enjoys a good sit on the top of the couch where she 'keeps watch' over her family (aka sleeping). She is a great companion and her family couldn't have asked for a better pup.

Once she is big enough, they can't wait to take her out in the big world for puppy play dates. Until then she will just have to enjoy a whole bunch of cuddles and couch time!

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