Pup of the Month: March 2018

Scooby Doo

Meet Scooby Doo, our first Indian Pup of the Month and one of the cutest characters ever!

Officially known as Scooby Doo but his nicknames include Mr Scooby, Scoob or Betu (an affectionate Indian word used for a child).

A little over two months old, this Labrador Retriever is ever so curious about the world. On sensory overload, he will often be sniffing around to see what new things he can find or sometimes just hanging out on (or under if he can't reach) his favourite chair. 

If you are ever looking for him just yell out "Scooby Dooby Doo where are you?" If that doesn't work you can always just find his dad where he will more than likely be curled up asleep on his chest. 

Young Scoob certainly is a pat magnet, and its easy to see why - nobody could resist that face!

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