Pup of the Month: April 2018

Meet Ari our Pup of the Month!

This beautiful German Shepherd is the ultimate companion. A big family man, Ari loves to follow his humans everywhere - be it in the kitchen, bedroom, lounge room or even the bathroom (privacy is soooo overrated). He believes that food is what brings family together and will not dine unless he has human company by his side!

A loving pup, whenever the sniff of a pat is on offer he will be there. Ari loves nothing more than a good scratch on the head... especially when his humans are trying to watch TV. His fluffy head is always conveniently blocking the view!

This super talented pup is also multi-lingual (he's not just a pretty face). Ari understands words in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Papua New Guinean Tok Pisin and German. Now that is some serious linguisitc skill!!

Ari's trademark are his big fluffy ears. Rumour has it, if you look close enough you can see a diamond at the top of his head! It just goes to show that it's not just diamonds that are a girl's best friend!

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