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Pup of the Month: July-19

 ​Meet Royal Rags to Riches, our Pup of the Month! Adopted from the Humane Society on June 20, 2014 this pup's tale will make your heart smile. When his family found him, his name was Rags. As the story goes, when he was saved from the kill shelter he looked like an old dirty rag… all dirty and matted. Well haven't things changed! Since being adopted into his furever home, Rags was renamed to...
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Digging into dog food trends

What we feed our pets is super important for keeping them both healthy and happy. With the rise of the 'furbaby' different dog feeding trends have grown in popularity. Whilst many of us have heard of these trends, not everyone knows what they mean or involve. Never fear, we are here to help! The following will help provide some insight which may assist you in making an informed...
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Pup of the Month: June 2019

Meet Alfie our Pup of the Month! Alfie is the third generation in a line of great Aussie bulldogs. A regular beach boy, he spends his days enjoying the sand and surf with his family on the beautiful sunny Gold Coast. For Alfie everyday is an adventure. Whether it is out and about or playing at home, he is a ball of energy. Inquisitive by nature, Alfie loves to explore the world and when he finds s...
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Pup of the Month: May 2019

​ Meet Hiro our Pup of the Month! Born in January, Hiro is the 5th generation in a line of champion Shiba Inus. Although young, he is no stranger to travel having opened his frequent flyer account at the tender age of eight weeks... he just couldn't wait to fly from Perth to be with his new family in Melbourne 😊 One of the smallest of the Japanese ⛩ Spitz type breeds, bravery runs through his vein...
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Pup of the Month April 2019

Meet Rocket our Pup of the Month! Rocket is a ¾ Shar Pei cross Staffy. This super cute pup is the only dog of the family. His mum is a carer with @Kittie Kat Rescue and, as a result, has six cat siblings and another 12 visiting in foster care. It is clear both Rocket and his mum have very welcoming and caring natures… such admirable qualities! 😊 A quick learner, Rocket is working hard on his obedi...
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