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Pup of the Month: January 2019

50802615_2080528262026266_7937594892996313088_n-1 Meet Teddy our Pup of the Month!
Meet Teddy our Pup of the Month! Teddy is a 2 year old chihuahua from the sunny Gold Coast. He is a super special pup known by his parents as their rainbow baby after the sudden loss of their beloved first dog 🌈 Teddy is a little ray of sunshine and has filled the emptiness with so much happiness. He just oozes personality and loves going for walks to the the duck pond. His fav activity ...
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Pup of the Month: December 2018

Spyro Meet Spyro, our Pup of the Month!
Meet Spyro, our Pup of the Month! Spyro is a 3 year old fawn chihuahua. Son of Mowgli & Diva, he is super sweet and just a little bit silly. Having earned the nickname Wigglebutt, Spyro is happiness on four legs. He loves nothing more than his purple chew toy, that is when Harper (the smallest of the fam) hasn't stolen it! Don't you just love family... Spyro, along with his siblings, certainly...
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Pup of the Month: November 2018

This 5 year old greyhound was adopted by her family 3 years ago and has been making a difference to those around her ever since! A strong believer in education, Lila visits a primary school every week to help children learn to read. Not only does she get to hear great stories but just by being there, she has also improved the reading fluency and confidence of the children out of sight! When not hi...
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Pup of the Month: October 2018

Bowie's family
Meet Bowie our Pup of the Month! 12 years young, this Border Collie is the head of the pack. Whilst he may have a few years under his belt, Bowie is still more than able to keep up with his family. Apart from the mandatory play time and napping, Bowie's days are spent keeping his granddaughter April and his great granddaughter Kira out of mischief... such a model pup 😊 Just goes to show age is but...
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Pup of the Month: September 2018

Meet Syd and Amy our Pups of the Month! This brother and sister combo are an inseparable pair. Syd is the cool, calm and collected type. Although shy, he gives everyone who visits the warmest of welcomes (aka sloppy kisses). Syd loves nothing more than sleeping in the crook of his mum's shoulder… that, a cuddle and few more sloppy kisses make Syd one happy pup! Amy by contrast, is the adventurer o...
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