Pet Minding: The Peer to Peer Solution

Pet Minding: The Peer to Peer Solution

The rise of the sharing economy has opened up new and exciting opportunities for consumers. Often acting as an avenue for market disruption, the sharing economy is a peer to peer network which promotes sharing of resources both human and physical. People and their innovations are at the heart of this growing economy with increased and improved choice the result.

The pet industry is no exception. Historically people have relied on their family, friends or neighbours to look after their pets when in need. The peer to peer marketplace has broadened and standardised this practice. This growing acceptance has created new markets and opened world of tailored, local and affordable pet minding and dog walking solutions.

Enter PuppyGoGo. Founded on trust and convenience, PuppyGoGo is a peer to peer platform committed to creating and connecting a community of like-minded pet lovers. Hosts are vetted by the PuppyGoGo team and have the autonomy to set their own service proposition and rates. Kennels and vet cages are now but one pet minding option for families.

Our increasingly connected world continues to change how we interact with our local and broader communities. Peer to peer interactions are becoming more commonplace as people rediscover the inherent value of connecting with their community and the associated benefits. The team at PuppyGoGo are excited to be a part of this evolution and encourage you to explore its potential and participate. Go on, give it a GoGo!

Are you a pet owner searching for pet minding or walking services? Here is how PuppyGoGo works:

1. Search PuppyGoGo to find a local pet minder or dog walker

2. Use the PuppyGoGo private messenger to contact a Host and organise a meet and greet (we highly recommend to ensure the right match)

3. If you and your pup connect with your selected Host simply book the stay through the PuppyGoGo platform

PuppyGoGo: Connecting the community one tail at a time. PuppyGoGo provides pet minding and pet walking services. We have a growing community of pet minders in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin Auckland and Christchurch. Search for a trusted pet minder in your local area today!

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