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4 Perfect Pippa
Time to meet the gorgeous Pippa! Pippa is a very clever pup, she loves all humans big & small. She currently is in foster care with another doggie & a cat which she is very friendly with! She loves playing in the yard with her k9 foster siblings. Pippa loves her ball and will play for ages! She also loves a game of tug of war.  Of an evening Pippa loves to snuggle up on your lap as you watch TV.  Pippa is crate trained but is still working on her house training.  Pippa enjoys the company of...
4 Fearless Leeloo
Leeloo is friendly and fearless! Despite her size, she isn't afraid of anything and enjoys following the vacuum or the hose around. Leeloo loves playing with her older foster brother but often needs a time out, either sleeping on top of her foster brother or cuddling on the couch with her humans. Leeloo is still learning but she has mastered the art of sitting and giving puppy eyes. She is used to playing outside during the day so is still working on her toilet training but does enjoy the...
5 Fantastic Raf
Raf is a 3 year old Jack Russell x Fox Terrier searching for a loving and very dedicated forever home.   Raf is fantastic with children having been around children of all ages since he was little. However unfortunately the children all got bored of him as they became preoccupied with other things and he was left outside by himself. Since being left outside he developed a lot of anxiety. Since being in care his been on anxiety medication & has improved so much! Unfortunately he has never been...
3 Marvellous Marlie
Marlie is a super confident, playful 12 week old bull terrier cross puppy. She loves to play fetch and tug, and gets super excited about toys, especially ones with rope or squeakers! Marlie loves playing chasing with her much bigger foster fur-siblings and likes to sometimes try her hand at being the boss of them. She enjoys a snuggle next to (or on) the other dogs and is very friendly with the cats (even though they don't seem to want to play with Marlie!) Marlie really likes to have...
2 Beautiful Billy
Meet the beautiful Billy! Billy is an energetic fun loving puppy who enjoys a good play with people and puppy toys. He is already showing how loyal a dog he will become, as he just has to be by your side or snuggled on your lap. Billie would be perfect in a family setting as he loves to play with adults, children and other dogs. He has been working really hard on toilet training and is almost there. He is also being crate trained and has no accidents in his crate overnight. Billy is very...
5 Toby Jasper
Meet Toby Jasper, a seven-year-old Australian kelpie cattle dog cross, who first came to Maggie's Rescue in 2012. He is one of the very special dogs who nearly didn't make it out of the pound... When our driver arrived to collect him, other dogs were loaded but Toby Jasper wasn't there. Asked where he was, the pound staff said, 'We didn't know he was going!' and they ran back to get him. He had already been sedated to be euthanised so his blood could be drained to help sick dogs. It was...
5 Cuddly Charlie
Charlie is an extremely friendly boy who thrives on human company! He *loves* attention and affection.This beautiful young man adores long walks in the park and is fantastic on- and off-lead. His ongoing training is especially effective when treats are involved!So far, Charlie has learned 'come', 'sit', 'stay', 'down', 'free', 'bed', 'out' and 'back' (handy when he's on the lead to get him to stop pulling). He's very well trained with his food, too - he will eat only when given permission...
1 Terrific Tasha
Hello! The volunteers have named me Tasha and I am a high energy girl looking for a forever home. I still need a bit of training to stop my jumping, I can’t help it, I was so excited to spend time with people today. I already know how to sit for a treat, but need a little more training taking treats gently. If you show me how to be a good girl, I know we will be friends forever. I don’t mind being around other dogs, but let’s have a meet and greet just to be sure we all get along.

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