Popular has been servicing customers around the world for more than ten years. Our tags can be found on more than 2 million satisfied cats and dogs in over 75 countries, from Iceland to Fiji! We are continually updating our range of tags and pet products. We have a choice of over 200 tag options now available including stylish fashion tags, colorful designer tags, brass & stainless steel and plastic colored tags, along with our stunning Bling range which is sure to appeal to the truly...
4 Louise's Doggie Charms
Louise's Doggie Charms have an amazing array of beautiful Silver Plated Key Chains featuring stunning reprentations of your favourite Breed. Beautiful Detail and lovely soft Facial Expressions they make the Perfect Christmas Gift for the Doggie Owner or Enthusiast! **Many Breeds Available**    
1 Personalised Collars
Personalised collars with your dog's name in Swarovski crystals!
1 Newflands

New Zealand made sustainable Hoki treats and supplements sourced from MSC certified stock only found in New Zealand waters. Very high omegas and wonderfully tasty training treats that won't pack on the pounds. Our oils are so concentrated you can see the improvement in days and our Gravy helps hide medication and encourage fussy eaters to enjoy their meals along with helping move those furballs along. We are able to export globally and if you wish to purchase any of our products or suggest a...

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