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Hello! my name is PJ (Short for Patrick Junior)

I am 15 years old and I decided that 3 years ago I was going to dedicate my life to animals, so I left school and have started my journey off by caring for peoples furry friends whether it be day care, boarding or any of the other things I offer.

I have completed an introduction course and certificate II in animal care, i have learnt how to administer medication and perform CPR if need be amongst many other things, I have volunteered at a doggy day care centre and have looked after many of my families’ furry friends over my lifetime. As i left school i will be home with them most of the time and if i'm not we're a family of five so there will always be someone home to care for your pets.

I love animals with all my heart, I always have and always will and I can assure you I will do everything and anything to keep them safe and well looked after. I even go as far as sleeping outside in a tent with them because I wanted their stay to be as comfortable and as stress free as possible. I will go to all ends to make sure they are well and happy and enjoying their stay! 

Four years ago i went vegan for the animals; meaning i don't eat their bodies or anything they produce. This is something that means a lot to me, i am very passionate about animals and veganism and i am happy to talk to you more about it. In the near future my father and i are going to open an animal rescue sanctuary for all the animals in need.

We have a very large backyard that it fenced and completely covered in grass for your dogs to play around and sun bake on or your pets are welcome to come inside and chill out with me and my beautiful dog Bianca. I provide lots of enrichment activities; there are plenty of toys to go around and I am more than happy to take them for walks around the neighbourhood; there are plenty of parks around the place. 

I have a beautiful dog myself, her name is Bianca, she is an 11 year old Maltese Shih-Tzu x Westie! She is a small friendly dog, she wasn't socialised as a puppy so is a bit anxious around other dogs but when she warms up she can be very playful. (She was not De-sexed as a pup so your dog would preferably need to be desexed or female.) My life runs around her, ensuring she is getting everything she deserves and I can guarantee the same for your fur babies.

I will send plenty of photos and updates of your furry friends while your gone! I look forward to taking care of them and spoiling them too!!

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