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Hello! My name is Tegan, and I am a 26 year old animal care worker. I have been studying Veterinary Nursing for 2 years while working in a veterinary clinic and having previously worked in 2 other vet hospitals. I have gained my Certificate's II & III in Animal Studies prior to beginning Veterinary Nursing.
I have been pet sitting as a regular job for over 2 years, and have many returning clients, as well as new clients booking in regularly. Through pet sitting, vet hospital work, and while studying, I have gained experience and knowledge working with all animals of all sizes, species, and breeds, and I continue to learn with each day.
I am experienced with medicating animals, and also caring for elderly or sick animals. I do not discriminate against any breeds, species, or health status.
I care for pets in the owners home, as well as offer daily visits while you are away.
Please feel free to contact me for more information!

Pet Ownership

Dog (medium), Cat

Experience & Skills

I have never lived a day without having an animal as a part of my family.
I have previously owned dogs, cats, rabbits, and fish.
My current furbabies are a medium dog named Charlie, who is a very good boy and loves everyone he meets. My other two furbabies are my two cats Luna, and Kitty. Both are mischievous and loving.
1 - 5 years
I have gained my Certificate's II & III in Animal Studies, have been studying Veterinary Nursing for 2 years, and am currently working in my third veterinary hospital.
I have been pet sitting as a regular job for over 2 years now, caring for animals of many species, breeds, sizes, and health.

Types of Animals Accepted

  • Dogs (puppies)
  • Other
  • Dogs (small)
  • Dogs (medium)
  • Dogs (large)
  • Cats
  • Birds
  • Rabbits
  • Fish
  • Hamster
  • Reptiles
Breed Specialties
I have experience with many species, breeds, and sizes. I do not discriminate. During my work in veterinary hospitals, I regularly come across and care for pets of all breeds and sizes.

Services Offered and Pricing

Day Minding $35 /day
Overnight Minding $35 /night
Dog Walking $30 /hr
Dog Walking $30 /hr
House Sitting $35 /day
Veterinary services Service dependent - please message me.
Nail Trimming $35 /session
Washing $35 /hr
House Visits $35 /hr

Residence Details

I offer services in owners home, so as not to disrupt the animals daily routine.

Services Required


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