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Pup of the Month: October 2018

Bowie's family
Meet Bowie our Pup of the Month! 12 years young, this Border Collie is the head of the pack. Whilst he may have a few years under his belt, Bowie is still more than able to keep up with his family. Apart from the mandatory play time and napping, Bowie's days are spent keeping his granddaughter April and his great granddaughter Kira out of mischief... such a model pup 😊 Just goes to show age is but...
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Pup of the Month: September 2018

Meet Syd and Amy our Pups of the Month! This brother and sister combo are an inseparable pair. Syd is the cool, calm and collected type. Although shy, he gives everyone who visits the warmest of welcomes (aka sloppy kisses). Syd loves nothing more than sleeping in the crook of his mum's shoulder… that, a cuddle and few more sloppy kisses make Syd one happy pup! Amy by contrast, is the adventurer o...
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Pup of the Month: August 2018

Kodi_02_squar_20180830-073929_1 Meet Kodi our Pup of the Month!
​Meet Kodi our Pup of the Month! Since coming into this world Kodi was destined to be an important part of his mum's life. The pick of the litter, he was carefully selected to be trained as an assistance dog by his new mum - Kodi clearly was a fabulous choice. He is super caring and, whether it be a sneeze or a cough, he will always make sure he checks to see if mum is ok. A big sof...
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Pup of the Month: July 2018

1807_Pup_01_smal_20180719-103738_1 Meet Leia, our Pup of the Month!
Meet Leia our Pup of the Month! This little blue American staffie is named after Princess Leia from Star Wars. An interstellar cutie, she is every bit as gorgeous and, like any great movie character, has a fab-u-lous pawsonality. Leia loves to have a chat (aka bark) and chase her bestie wherever and whenever she gets a chance. Oh, she also will chew everything and anything… sorry mum just usi...
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Pup of the Month: June 2018

Meet Harper our Pup of the Month! Harper is a 9 month old blue Chihuahua and is full of sass. This vivacious pup may be tiny but she has a big heart and an even bigger voice to match. Harper is more than happy to share her opinion... especially when it comes to telling other dogs who's the boss!  Always best dressed on ground (thanks mum), her style and wardrobe is th...
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