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What is PuppyGoGo?

PuppyGoGo is a community of pet services and pet products providers

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Meet our community

Meet the PuppyGoGo family of pet sitters and dog walkers


I have owned dogs my whole life. I am a professional who lives in an apartment in Milsons Point. Unfortunately I am unable to own a pup so this is a perfect way for me to get my "dog fix". My family has recently adopted a 10 month pup from a rescue.


Hi! I am a 27 year old professional who absolutely LOVES dogs!! I am more than happy to accomodate routine and look after any special needs (such as medication etc.). When we meet I will sit down with you to learn about your dog's personality, their needs, likes and dislikes. I am also available to pick and up and drop off if required. Your pup will be the centre of my world while in my care and I am more than happy to provide you with photos and updates while you are away so that you can rest easy knowing they are having a fun time :)


A dog lover from way back. I can't have a pet myself at the moment, but would cherish the opportunity to look after yours! (For a small fee of course ;P)


I have owned a few pups in the past.


I am a mum of a very enthusiastic 10 year old and we have recently had our new addition "Cuppie" to the family. My daughter and I are happy to walk other dogs around the local area and depending on how your dog gets along with our puppy, we could do day or overnight minding also.


Hi I'm Katie and I love dogs! Feel free to drop me a line if you need a hand taking your pup for a walk.


I have two small boys who would love to have a dog around the house. Taking care of a pet would be a great way to teach them about responsibility. Plus they could earn some extra pocket money!


Hi, my name is Ashleigh. I am a keen runner so can offer to give the more active dogs a good run ($25/hr). In my life I have owned two dogs, one beautiful maltese x shitzu for 18 years (kissette) and foster cared a pug (pepper) for her first year of life, so I have lots of experience in owning and walking dogs. I also love cats and pretty much every other animal possible!! Because of my apartment I can't own any pets at the moment. However I would love to walk your dog(s) or house sit. I work full time so would be accessible to your pet before and after work and weekends. Nothing is too big or small for your furry loved ones, just let me know what you need.


Hi, my name is Jasmine. I'm a dog lover who enjoys walking. Therefore, why not put the two together and walk with my canine counterparts. I grew up with dogs. Yet due to time and residential restrictions, I have not had the pleasure of owning my own yet. Currently I am working mainly evening and nights. Leaving the majority of my days free with availability to walk dogs. Love to hear from anyone whose dog loves/ needs walking. I'm confident with dogs of all shapes, sizes, energy levels and ailments. Xx


I am a caring and responsible animal lover from the Eastern Suburbs! I'm an active person & non smoker...mature and responsible Australian born female that has lived in the eastern suburbs all my life. I can care for your pet in my fully enclosed garden terrace where your dog will get two huge daily walks morning and afternoons which is normally a morning at Centennial Park and the afternoon at the Rose Bay dog beach. All dogs get a shampoo, wash and towel dry in the sunny garden after a swim as well! 100% attention and care at all times as this is a husband and wife team where you can rest assure your dog will be cared for and cuddled and never be left alone! It's normal for you to be worried about your dog and after the first night your dog will be following me around happily everywhere i promise! I can update you with pictures and or emails while your away of our daily activities to make you feel at ease! I never take on more than 2 dogs at a time when sitting and the dogs can sleep in my huge bedroom and I don't even mind if your dog is used to sleeping in your bed and needs to stay in mine! Feeding to you and your pets preference Casual while your away on holiday or ongoing basis while you work during the day Also dog walking mornings or evenings as well.... I have full availability as I work for myself! Can give plenty of references with many different types of pets (mainly dogs)


We know how hard is to find someone to mind your dog while we go away. So if you need a dog minder for when you go away, we are your solution! Please note that we can currently mind small / medium well behaved dogs since we don’t have a very big yard and your dog will spend most of the time inside the house with our dogs. We are a young couple with no kids and two little Yorkshire terriers (both desexed). We are animal lovers and we will treat and love your pet as if it was our own one. We will provide: - Personal and loving attention (cuddles, cuddles & more cuddles!!!) - Your dog will spend most of the time inside with our dogs and he?she will sleep in our bedroom. - Daily walks. - Weekend trips to the dog park, dog beach (Bayview), etc. - No cages, no kennels. You need to provide: - Food. - Bedding. - Leash.


I'm a Bondi local dog lover with over 4 years experience walking dogs/house sitting within the Eastern Suburbs. House and Dog Sitting (I look after your dog in your home while you are away) $85 per day. ($10 each additional pet) Dog Minding (i look after your dog in my home) $60 per day ($10 each additional pet) Prices include 2 walks a day. References on request.


Hi my name is Emily Neave. I'm almost 20 years old and live out with my boyfriend we have 2 dogs and love animals and would like to look after small dogs and small animals but would need to know what it is beforehand.


I like to offer a home stay for your fur baby. I have been the owner of dogs since I was a child. My preference is for small dogs as I like them to be inside and part of the family, however I will mind larger dogs also. If you prefer your pup to sleep indoors that is ok with us. I will walk your dog each 24 hour period - weather dependent. Please provide a leash for this. You will be required to provide food - so that your pooch does not end up with an upset tummy.


I've been looking after dogs for a few years plus I have pets of my own...


Hello dog owners, I'm a life-time dog lover offering a door-to-door dog walking, sitting and feeding services. Prior to taking care of your pup, I consult with you to ensure your dog's specific needs are met. I offer 30 minute, 1 hour, or weekly walking rates. See below: Dog walking rates: 30 mins $10.00 1 hour $15.00 Twice per week hour session $25.00 Dog feeding? sitting (Within your premises) Feeding, once per day: $10.00 Sitting: $5.00 per hour Plus more deals available, get in touch to discuss. I am reliable and friendly and have many years experience with dogs of all types and sizes. Please feel free to call, text or email me with any enquiries 0422197772/ jadejeffries17@gmail.com Thank you


I have years of experience with animals having owned pets my whole life. I am more than happy to take care of your pets and will love them (almost) as much as you! I am more than happy to accommodate you and your pet's needs. For longer stays, drop me a line to negotiate a sliding price scale. Please get in touch, I would love to meet you and your furry family member!


A Walk in the Park was established in Brisbane when we identified a need for a professional, reliable, and affordable service to care for our clients' pets in the comfort of their own home. With extensive experience in caring for companion animals, and a genuine love of furry, feathered, and finned creatures, A Walk in the Park was born! Our clients range from busy professionals, to regular travellers and holiday makers, to the elderly and immobile members of our community. We aim to make our client’s day……...a walk in the park! As mature and responsible adults, and with a desire to help others, we are confident in delivering a caring and professional service. If you are going on holiday, spending long hours at work, or simply can't leave the house, allow us to take care of your pets at home for you. At A Walk in the Park, we understand that you can't always provide the special care your pet needs. We offer a safe, secure, and affordable alternative to boarding kennels or relying on friends or neighbours. Our carers have extensive experience in caring for companion animals including birds, cats, chickens, and dogs. For your peace of mind we are insured, police checked, pet first aid trained, and a member of Australia's Pet Industry Association (PIAA). A Walk in the Park holds affiliations with local charities including Animals Australia, Animal Liberation Qld (ALQ), Budgie Snuggler, and The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).


Hi! I am a 28 year old professional and my partner and I absolutely adore dogs!! We live in a small apartment which is not ideal for full time pets, however I would love to look after your little buddy while you're away or just take them for a walk if for some reason you're unable to. I'm very active and accommodating and would be willing to meet with you to learn about your dog's personality, their needs, likes and dislikes. I promise to provide a loving temporary stay for your pup and am happy to provide you with photos and updates while you are away so that you can relax and enjoy your time away.


I am a 29 year old female full of fun and positive energy. I love animals and am really keen to help out with pets by dog walking and pet minding. I get out and about a lot and love fitness so happy to take your pet out for a walk/ run &/ or play if you struggle to have this time for them. I work full time in Events and am available early mornings or evenings and all weekend. : )


Hello! I am from India. I love dogs. Have 2 pampered Indian dogs, but they are in a boarding in India now, since I cant bring them here. I have been in Sydney for 6 months now. Am based in Blues Point, and work from home. My apartment does not allow pets. However, I am available and happy to walk and mind pets at the owners' home. Regarding the size of pet dogs, I am very comfortable with small to mid sized dogs. However, I have not handled very big dogs like Great Danes earlier, so I am not sure if I can walk them. But I am happy to mind them at home. Thanks.


Hi, I'm an experienced pet sitter (dogs and cats) and have been for several years. I love animals and thoroughly enjoy their company. Dogs are human's best friends and that they, like children, need lots of pats, play and attention, guidelines and boundaries (I do watch Dr Harry!) and most of all lots of love. When owners go away, dogs miss their owners and can feel abandoned and anxious. I have the kind and gentle touch to help them over that hurdle. Minding a dog in its own environment, with its own familiar things protects your beloved furry family member from the stress of having to go to a kennel. You can feel secure to go away and leave your dog (and your home) in the hands of someone who will treasure them. I have lots of excellent pet/house sitting references.

Marta Madison

FIRST DOG WALK IS FREE> I am a dedicated dog lover, whose big German Shepard died after 15 glorious years, last June. My specialty is BIG dogs. I have strong voice commands, strong body language, a loving connection to dogs and dog handling skills. Thomas Rest Park is near me so I can take them there. Sorry, I can't do housesitting but I can feed the dogs after walking if you are stuck at work. Send me a message and I can meet your baby.


“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring--it was peace.” – Milan Kundera. Also your puppy can be in paradise, even when you are away or busy. So contact me…


Hi, I'm a Swedish girl that just arrived to Australia on a work & holiday visa for 1 year. During my stay in Australia I would love to go out for a walk with your dog because I couldnt bring my pet to Australia and I love animals! I like long walks in the park and to bring lots of love to your dog! If you need my help, dont hesitate to send me a personal messege!


Hello, My name is Lizzi. I am an avid animal lover, grew up with dogs my whole life, however I recently moved to Australia from the United States and was not able to bring my own dog with me. I would love to help you out while also getting some puppy time so I don't miss my own too much!


Hi my name is Emily a little about me: I have grown up with all kinds of dogs my whole life, I am confident in caring for your beloved pooch as I have a life time of experience with many different breeds. Just to name a few - Beagles, Labradors, Maltese, Shitzus, Rottweilers, Golden Retrievers, Pugs, Staffies, Border Collies and many more! Unfortunately as I am now renting I am not able to own a dog of my own :( I am a caring, reliable, and energetic person and I can not wait to start looking after your dog/puppy :) The Services I Offer: Before I care for your beloved pet I offer a meet and greet in person (or over the phone at your request) to make sure all your pets needs and questions you have are addressed. Dog walking: $15 p/h ($10 for 30min) *Package deals available depending on how many times p/w Dog Minding (Day): $10 p/h (min 2 hours) or $5 p/h (min 6 hours) Dog Minding (Night): $5p/h (min 12 hours) I look forward to care for your pup if you have a request that is not outlined above please feel free to call, text or email to find out more. Mobile: 0410 983 332 email: emilyjademclean@gmail.com Thank you for reading :) Emily.


Hello :) I am a lifetime dog lover and simply as obsessed with pooches as you are! I have had dogs around me my whole life and know how to look after and make them feel loved. I am available to walk your pooch for either 30, 45 or 60 mins evenings and weekends. I will collect your pooch from your desired location and send you photos to update you on our walkies :) I can sit if you are on holidays and feed/walk. Please contact me for enquiries :) Kind Regards


We are the Roberts family. We love dogs and look after Granny's Cavaleer when she goes away. We would like to look after a dog for a couple of days or more.


I'm a 27 year old professional living in Neutral Bay. I have grown up with dogs (large and small) and am available for walking most weekends


Kia ora, I am a quiet, security-conscious young professional who has been pet-sitting around Wellington for the past year. I am diligent, love pets, and can do basic garden maintenance. I am available to house-sit from July 31 - August 17, and from September 30 until early December. (Please note, I have existing house-sitting commitments from now until July 31; August 17 - September 30, and from early December - mid-January.) House-sits near public transport preferred. Price negotiable, referees available on request. Many thanks!


I moved to Sydney at the beginning of 2016 and sadly left my Golden Retriever, Tessie, at home in Boston. (She's staying with my parents and we knew it was the right choice to leave her rather than put her through the travel.) We were a certified Therapy Dog Team and volunteered at hospitals, nursing facilities, colleges, etc. I loved taking her with me anywhere and everywhere dogs were allowed. I have such a void without a dog in my life. I would love to help you out by walking or caring for your dog(s). I live in Milsons Point and work in Macquarie Park. I have flexibility with my schedule most days. I also run frequently and would be happy to bring your dog so they can release some energy. Contact me with any requests!


Hi, I'm a dog lover looking to walk dogs (small dogs preferred) around Milsons Point. I grew up with a pet dog (her name is Daisy). I can't own a dog right now given I'm renting a unit, but I can't wait to get my own dog when we moved into our own place.


Hi there, I'm Stuart from the UK and I really miss my sister's doggy. My in-laws have 2 dogs which I see most weekends, but I'd love to spend more time with them. I'm a dog lover who is currently living in a flat that can't have dogs which is a crying shame, so I thought whilst I'm currently in between work and looking for work I could spend some time outside walking dogs, etc.


My name is Sidney. I am nineteen years old, and I am from the United States of America. Currently, I am living in Sydney, Australia to study at Hillsong International Leadership College. Sadly, I could not bring my dogs here with me which is why I am so eager to be apart of PuppyGoGo. I miss my dogs everyday, and I need to get my puppy fix somewhere. You can trust me with your dogs! I will try not to spoil them too much.


My name is Rita and I recently arrived here in Australia. Therefor I do not have any pets anymore but I would love to work with them here.Back in Belarus I had cats and dogs. I looked after cats and dogs when their owner were not at home.


Hi Dog Owners! My name is Mari, I live in North Sydney and I have some spare time after work when you might be tired or busy to look after your puppy for a while. I love dogs, it doesn't matter the age/ race/ shape or colour.. I live in a flat and I am not ready to commit to having a dog full time, therefore I would be happy to look after yours sometimes. I have always been around dogs since a young age, my family has one, my grandparents had a few and I have been looking after one on my own for a year while living with a family on my au pair year Germany. If you think you could trust me with him/her out on the street and in the park let me know. I am also more than happy to look after them in your house if you need to or come and check on them if you need to go away. Cheers, Mari


I'm a recent transplant from the US, where I've volunteered extensively with shelters for several years.


I can take the hassle out of arranging kennel care and offers flexible, in-home pet care that is structured around you and your critter’s needs. I am a female, who is an animal lover and is an experienced in caring for all family pets. I’m fit, a non-smoker, energetic and self-motivated. I love being around animals of all kinds. I grew up having all types of family pets but love the furry kind the best. I will provide your pets with lots and love and cuddles and: - Dog walking - Feeding and watering your pets - Playing and cuddles with your pets - Administering medication - Cleaning out cages Cleaning litter trays - Cleaning out yards - Plant watering - Mail collection - Taking out the garbage Your pet will be well look after in there own home with a whole lot of love. We will have a preliminary consultation where we gather all the necessary information about your pet’s care along with arrangements for access to the property and any additional services you may require.


Hi there, I am happy to take dogs out for walking or looking after them on weekends.


I am a responsible dog walker. I grew up around animals (dogs, cats, and lambs!) so I enjoy time with them. I don't currently own a dog but I am an active walker and would enjoy the company!

Groovys Pet Paradise

We are a family of four humans, a Labrador and a Cavoodle. We are active contributors to the RSPCA and Sydney Dogs and Cats Home. We believe your dogs deserve the luxury of a 'Home away from Home'.


I'm a huge animal lover and have grown up with all types and sizes of dogs - I work with rescue dogs and have 2 cross breeds (lab cross and kelpie cross) who my husband and I adore. We live near the beach and parks so these lots of walking areas for furry friends. I've been a dog walker for over 3 years.


Paw People welcomes dogs of any type, age or ability. We make our dog walks and visits fun for your dog, ensuring they come home relaxed, stimulated & happy.


We provide: -Home visits -Cageless boarding -Dog walking -VIP Pet Transport.


Metime Petcare specializes in a safe comfortable home based Petcare environment . We have a large backyard to accommodate our largest fur guests together with an accessible indoor area for day time snoozes. For our smaller fur guests we have a separate area which is covered so they are weather protected but can still enjoy exercise and fresh air. Our feline friend enjoy a luxurious private and secure room with fresh litter tray daily and lots of cuddles.


Pet Nurture is a Holistic & Natural Animal Therapy mobile wellness centre servicing Sydney. We offer safe and effective Canine Myofunctional Therapy (Therapeutic dog massage) with complementary services such as Home pet care. We offer ultimate quality Canine and Feline care, focusing on feeding, walking, pet sitting, enrichment and post-operative care in YOUR home. We will do whatever it takes to keep your pet happy, healthy and safe when you’re called to other commitments in your life. You wouldn’t trust just anyone to care for your pet and neither would we!


I love animals, I see them as my family and I also have experience with raising pets for nearly ten years.


I'm a pet photographer based in the Illawarra. But I'm mobile! Meaning I'll come to you within 75km of my home. I LOVE animals and would love to cuddle and photograph your fur babies! Indoor and outdoor sessions are available.


Home away from home. Actually it's a bit like vacation care for dogs! ? Walked, well fed, loved and cuddled, friends to play with, water to play in and a big comfy bed to sleep in.


HAPPY PETS - Pet Care Extraordinaire - Northern Beaches I have been around all animals and pets since I was a little girl. I love the company of pets. Living in Frenchs Forest, my family has chickens, so minding or sitting your pets would be a joy and pleasure to make your loved pet feel like you never left. I enjoy being outdoors, so walking your beloved dog would be an absolute pleasure. All creatures great and small would be my pleasure to mind, feed, walk and play with. Contact me today.


We are a fully insured mobile dog grooming and pet minding business based in Tanah Merah. We pride ourselves on being reliable and easy to deal with.


We are dog loving family, being around dogs all our lives. Our 5 year old Border Collie x girl Indie loves her doggy friends and would share with them her daily walks, swimming, playing in the yard or treadmill on rainy days. While with us, your pooches will be treated as our own, making sure they are healthy and happy. For complete peace of mind, we can organize Skype meeting or send pictures. We sell doggy food (check out www.k9cuisine.com.au ) so if you're interested, we can feed your dog with our healthy, balanced home-made meals for $3 - $10 / day depending on a dog size. My neighbors rely on me to feed their dogs when they are away, and I’ll be happy to do a house visit (or two) I can also do pick-ups and drop-offs to airport, vet, kennels, etc. at reasonable price. Please note that your dog needs to be current with tick and flea prevention.


Im an Professional pet photographer based in North Brisbane. I have a studio in Mitchelton and also do on location shoots outdoors.


Merry Puppins Dog Minding is a fully insured/registered business, and we pride ourselves on being your dogs' Home Away From Home! We are all about bringing your fur-baby in and caring for them as one of the family. P: 0401 984 026 E: info@merrypuppins.com.au Stay up to date with us on the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MerryPuppinsDogMinding/

Marta Gomes

DOG WALKING and DOG TRAINING/BEHAVIOUR CONSULTATIONS :) Hi Everyone!!! I am a DOG and ANIMAL LOVER, recently moved to Redfern. I concluded my studies in Dog Training and Dog Behavior in February 2016, with the goal of better understanding our best friends, and most important, what their needs are to be happy and balanced dogs. In the end, to make their and also our lives easier and happier! During the last year I have had experience with different breeds (Kelpie, Akita, Old English Sheepdogs, Doberman, Pugs), each one with its own specificities. I am really happy to say that I could help the owners understanding what they needed to do with their dogs to overcome their behavior issues (separation anxiety; pulling when walking on the leash; puppies’ bites; aggressive behaviors). Currently I am continuing with my studies in the animal field, this time studying Captive Animals. The training method I use is based on the last scientific research about how dogs learn, therefore based on the Positive Reinforcement Training, where its base is the reward (and that does not mean just food!). We can reward our dogs in many different ways, and we are always reinforcing their behaviors in some way, even when we don’t realize we are. Once you see the results showing, you are going to start looking at your dog differently, in an even better way!! You are going to admire how easily they can adapt themselves to our changes in behavior, and how much we can make a difference in their lives just by understanding that. I am available for any of these services also on weekends. If you need any of these don’t hesitate to contact me. This is what I love to do :)


Pet lover, having grown up with dogs and cats since the age of 2. My family has 3 rescue dogs, border collies, and I absolutely adore them, unfortunately I do not get to see them much now that I live in Australia. I am a Chartered accountant by profession and work on a casual basis, which allows me to look after other people's pets and get my furry fix!!! I also foster rescue dogs occasionally, and help out at various dog rescue charities around Sydney! I am reliable, passionate and will treat your babies like they are my own!


Yuppy Puppy Club is a boutique dog walking and dog sitting business in the Inner City and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. We specialize in small - medium dogs in our dog walking groups and all our dog walking groups are very tailored. Please look at our facebook page to see some of our clients testimonials.


I am a full time teacher, who does boarding to raise money for rescued animals. I work for Sydney Dingo Rescue and Sydney Fox Rescue and ran my own rabbit rescue for 5 years. I have experience with dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, aquatic animals and wildlife. I absolutely adore all animals and live my life under the principle of doing the least harm to all creatures. I board a small amount of animals at a time, at my house near Brighton Le Sands. I do not believe animals should be kept in small cages and prefer playpens with time outside to play, stretch and socialise.


Ruff day? Are your pups going mutts? Don't terrier your self up about it, let us help! I'm a high school student trying to earn a little extra money. I've had dogs most of my life and am experienced with walking dogs large, small and in between. I available to walk weekdays and weekends, I can walk two dogs, possibly three if they're small-medium. I am located in Toukley, however I am also available to the surrounding suburbs 1 on 1 Half Hour Walk : $10 Two Dogs Half Hour Walk : $20 Three Dogs Half Hour Walk : $25 1 on 1 Forty-five Minute Walk : $15 1 on 1 Hour Walk $20


My name is Ingrid and I absolutely adore animals! I currently have a dog and cat of my own and have been around a variety of pets ever since I was a small child. I am an advocate against animal cruelty and often assist with pet rescues and volunteer shelter work. I have an endless amount of love to give and at the same time I am very patient. Your pets will always be safe and happy in my care.


Offering an experienced, honest and reliable service for you and your pets! Dog Walking and Home Visiting services available throughout South West Sydney. Looking forward to meeting you and your furry friends!


DogXperiences is a new concept of experiences for your dog offered by Fitness Dogs. We make your dog feel special by providing experiences to make them happy and feel loved! Dog Adventures is our main program, specifically created for those energetic dogs that like to go to the beach and enjoy long walks, socialise and visit amazing and different places every day , we don’t walk dogs we have fun with them.


Hi! My name is Olivia. I own and run Companion Pet Care here on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. My first experience working with animals was in 2008 when I volunteered at Pittwater Animal Hospital. A few months later I was offered a paid position as an Animal Attendant until 2012 when I decided to focus my time on studying at University. While studying I walked shelter dogs voluntarily. After completing a Bachelors in Education, I continued to study at the RSPCA Yagoona where I completed a Certificate II in Animal Studies and gained valuable hands on experience working with a large variety of animals. I spent several months in a busy doggy day care in Sydney's CBD where I did plenty of dog walking and supervising the pups as they played for hours on end! I also have experience working as a dog trainer in Sydney. My beautiful 12 year old Maltese X Shih Tzu named Sammy (pictured) inspired my career with animals, as well as many well loved guinea pigs over the years.


Providing a home away from home for your dog whilst you are away

Animal Care In Our Own Home

Hello I'm Chantelle and Im a pet sitter. I have a 8 month old German Shepherd called Maverick and a beautiful cat named Cordellia who is nearly 2. I've been doing pet sitting since last year. We except all animals small and big, furry and cute. I am an experienced, reliable pet sitter and can assure your pets are very spoiled at our home. I've also done lots of volunteer work with RSPCA and Cat Cuddle Cafe. Cordellia and Maverick look forward to meeting new furry friends.


At Henabel's Dog Grooming every dog is treated like family. Grooming time is by appointment only, so only your dog/s are there at the one time. There are no cages, your dogs as my 100% undivided attention. I strive for a stress free environment for all. Pop over to www.woofalicioustales.com and you can find out all about Henabel's Dog Grooming. Or go to our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/Henabels-Dog-Grooming-122152024487629/?ref=br_rs


Taxi OPERATES Mon to Fri 8.30 to 4pm in school term. Holiday times Sat 9.30 till 3pm. Offering transport to pets to and from vets ,kennels, airports, catteries moving house specialising in door to door individual service. We do offer Statewide services for pets moving house or relocating all services are direct individual trips All Bookings need to be made in advance. Small distance booking many require booking on a day that already has other work on it.


Pawz Pet Sitting and Homecare promotes responsible pet ownership and offers daily care visit and feeding services for pets of all shapes and sizes as well as overnight short term or long term stays for dogs in our home and in-home pet sitting in your home. Our Philosophy... We treat your pet and home with the same love, care and respect we treat our own. We care for all types of pets and no pet is too big or small and your pets wellbeing is very important to us. Daily care visits to your home and/or overnight stays at our home is a wonderful alternative to leaving your pet at a boarding kennel or cattery when you go on holidays. Our daily care visits provide care for your pets in their own familiar surroundings while you are away for work or holidays. We can keep an eye on your home and garden and take care of any other security you may need whilst you are away. Pet minding in the comfort of your home is often more convenient for you and less distressing for pets than catteries or kennels. Our popular overnight stays provide a secure, safe, friendly and family environment in the comfortable surroundings of our home. Your pet/s time with us will be filled with lots of backyard fun, treats, TLC and snuggle time by the fire at night in winter. Our cosy sunroom fitted with pet door access provides a warm and cosy place to sleep in winter or a cool haven in summer and a great way to end a busy day. Our In-Home pet sitting provides overnight care for your pets in the comfort and security of their own home and familiar environment which in turn creates less stress for them and peace of mind for you as we are not only caring for your pets but your home as well. Our carers are nationally police checked and can provide references on request.


Lisa's Pet Products & Pet Minding was established in 2010, to be able to offer quality pet food & pet care to pet owners at a affordable cost, by a devoted animal lover. I offer in home pet minding, where I can come to you & take your dog for a minimum 30 minute walk, feed him & keep him in his usual routine to avoid stress. I also have a boutique cattery at my home where your cat will be totally spoilt by me. My cat house was originally built as a granny flat & has now been converted for the sole use of the cats who come to stay. There are no cages & the cats have the run of the house & each individually decorated room & large outside enclosure. Each room has at least 1 cat climbing frame, plus beds galore, so your cat will have plenty of choice where to sleep. There is also a separate room available away from the main house if your cat prefers his own company & doesn't like to mix with others. As well as looking after your pets I also sell a large range of premium pet foods including vet only ones & grain free foods, & as a pet nutrition advisor I can help you get the most from your pet by advising which food would suit him best.


We are much more than a dog walking, sitting and visiting service. We believe in enrichment, engagement and training. We will give your dog the attention they deserve! We make the most of our time with your dog and will not only physically exercise them we will mentally exercise. We will play games, do enrichment activities and train their manners. This is not a replacement for dog training courses, we will reinforce and complement the skills you and your dog have learnt during training. We are big advocates for positive reinforcement based training courses, in fact all of our helpers regularly attend with their own dogs. All our helpers are professionals with a lot of skills and experience to share and a passion for dogs and positive reinforcement. We are thoroughly screened, trained and insured. Most of the time we will walk your dog on their own and we have a maximum two dog policy. We are currently servicing the south side of Brisbane. We will be expanding soon, so please contact us to tell us you are interested in us coming to your area. We do ship all products all over Australia. Prices below are estimates, please visit website for more detailed information.


I'm Carrie and have been petsitting for 10 years. I'm passionate about what I do and value the well being of every pet in my care. I offer in home petsitting where I stay with your pet/s in your own home. I cover most suburbs within a 10km radius of Brisbane city. Every new client recieves yummy dog treats. Prices start from $25.


Hi everyone! I live in the Mortdale/Oatley area and would love to offer my pet feeding services to this area and the surrounding suburbs. I have worked as a veterinary nurse in Drummoyne vet for 13 years. I offer feeding, cleaning, walking, medicating etc your much loved pets when you are away and will charge less than a boarding kennel. I see pets coming into work to go boarding every day. The amount of stress the pet and the owner are going through could be so much less if the pet were able to stay at home and be cared for there. I have offered this service around the Drummoyne area for many years and now would love to offer it near my house! I love to send daily updates (including photos) to the owner to help put their mind at ease while away. I will always come around to meet you and your pet before you leave and get the run down on exactly what you would like me to do each day. If you would like anymore information or a price of what you would need, just PM me please. Thankyou for reading

Mark D

I deadset love your dawg!! Dawgywalks is all about loving your animal as much as you do . This is our main goal, second and only just, is walking your dog on the Northern Beaches. Let us give your dog the right amount of exercise to help promote a happy, healthy best friend. Who has the time to get their dog outside for the desired 60­120mins a day?! Dawgywalks does! A small company based on the Northern Beaches, with a love of all animals, but dogs especially. I have public liability insurance and care for your dog at all times. I can help you with looking after your best friend and family member when you can’t. At the end of the day, we all know we would do anything for your dog and chances are you already have. Your dog is what literally gets you up in the morning (usually with a lick!) I really can’t believe this is a job!


I love learning about other cultures just as much I love animals. I don't have any pets of my own but I have enough experience being exposed to animals growing up in a farm. Love dogs a lot and recently learnt that I may like cats as well. So when I do have spare time I accept jobs to look after pets, pet sitting or visitations while some of my clients have the luxury of going on holidays, I don't mind looking after their fur babies.


Hello! my name is PJ (Short for Patrick Junior) Visit my website for more information: https://pjoharepj4.wixsite.com/pjspetservices I am 15 years old and i decided that 3 years ago i was going to dedicate my life to animals, so i left school and have started my journey off by caring for peoples furry friends whether it be day care, boarding or any of the other things i offer. I have completed an introduction course and certificate II in animal care, i have learnt how to administer medication and perform CPR if need be amongst many other things, I have volunteered at a doggy day care centre and have looked after many of my families’ furry friends over my lifetime. As i left school i will be home with them most of the time and if i'm not we're a family of five so there will always be someone home to care for your pets. I love animals with all my heart, I always have and always will and I can assure you I will do everything and anything to keep them safe and well looked after. I even go as far as sleeping outside in a tent with them because I wanted their stay to be as comfortable and as stress free as possible. I will go to all ends to make sure they are well and happy and enjoying their stay! ? Four years ago i went vegan for the animals; meaning i don't eat their bodies or anything they produce. This is something that means a lot to me, i am very passionate about animals and veganism and i am happy to talk to you more about it. In the near future my father and i are going to open an animal rescue sanctuary for all the animals in need. ? We have a very large backyard that it fenced and completely covered in grass for your dogs to play around and sun bake on or your pets are welcome to come inside and chill out with me and my beautiful dog Bianca. I provide lots of enrichment activities; there are plenty of toys to go around and I am more than happy to take them for walks around the neighbourhood; there are plenty of parks around the place.


Dogs lives are short & spend most of their day waiting for us to come home. Adding a little adventure & a dash of love and care in that time between. What we do- Private dog walking to cater for your dogs particular needs. Leash training with cruelty free methods . Play dates organised with other trusted dogs. Vacation care- Your dog will be fed, walked, cuddled and cared for in your home while you're away. Visits can be one of two a day and various times available. Staycations at my house- One dog at a time ONLY. We will meet prior to make sure our dogs can be friends Pet Cooling Service- When its a really hot day and you want to make sure your dog is happy and hydrated we can bring round ice treats, shell pools, top up water and lay out wet towels so your dog has a place to stay cool. You can also buy Australian Made leads, Halties and Harnesses though our Facebook shop


Reliable dog walker, looking to specialize in single dog walks for the dogs that prefer one on one attention. Currently working in a dog grooming salon. I am available for early morning walks or afternoon and evening walks. I have a good understanding of dog breeds and temperaments and have a love for all animals. Day minding is available for well socialized or crate trained dogs as they can come to work with me.


I can personalise any product for your pet. Swarovski crystals. Also Browbands, rosettes and garlands rug washing too


Hi there! I love animals and nature, i do love to spend quality time with them :) thats why im hoping to find a friend to share with. I have experience looking after dogs.


Lonely Pets Club is Australia's largest mobile pet feeding and dog walking service. We will visit your home to care for your pets whenever you go away. Instead of putting them into kennels and catteries. We will collect your mail, make sure nobody has broken in, walk your dog/s, feed all pets as per your instructions, pick up poo and change litter trays and even water plants and tend rubbish bins if needed. We believe most pets remain less stressed by staying at home.


I am an animal lover who will look after, love, and mind your pets for you. I love Dogwalking (especially one on one) and enjoy walking and playing with dogs) I am a cat sitter, I love cats, and love spending time with cats and kittens, playing with them and providing whatever services they need. I have always loved animals, enjoy being with them, caring for them, and attending to their needs.


I am a 19 year old university student with a passion and unconditional love for animals. I have owned a rabbit, goldfish and rats in the past, and have taken care of many dogs, and currently own a beautiful burmese cat named Stella. Animals and music are two of my biggest enjoyments of life, and I hope to spend my summer holidays helping those who cannot walk or care for their dogs. I am an experienced dog walker, and very happy to walk anybody's dog if they need it.

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