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Pup of the Month: April 2018

Meet Ari our Pup of the Month! This beautiful German Shepherd is the ultimate companion. A big family man, Ari loves to follow his humans everywhere - be it in the kitchen, bedroom, lounge room or even the bathroom (privacy is soooo overrated). He believes that food is what brings family together and will not dine unless he has human company by his side...
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Deer Antlers and Your Dog

Product Review: Deer Antlers
Whether your pet is a puppy or adult, dogs love to chew. ​It is a natural and beneficial behaviour but, despite the benefits, misplaced chewing is often a source of frustration for dog owners.  Deer antlers are a great natural solution which encourages positive chewing behaviour. However, it is important to be armed with the right information ...
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Pup of the Month: March 2018

Scooby Doo
Meet Scooby Doo, our first Indian Pup of the Month and one of the cutest characters ever! Officially known as Scooby Doo but his nicknames include Mr Scooby, Scoob or Betu (an affectionate Indian word used for a child). A little over two months old, this Labrador Retriever is ever so curious about the world. On sensory overload, he will often be sniffing around t...
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Pup of the Month: February 2018

Meet Oscar our Pup of the Month! Oscar is a little ball of fun who loves running outside and, in particular, chasing his guinea pig sisters. Apart from zooming around the backyard, he loves to explore the world and cash in on belly rubs as often as possible. We hear that! One of Oscar's favourite pastimes is to get his paws wet at the beach followed by a nice snooze on the cool tiles at home 😴 Oth...
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It's a Dog's Tale (Tail)

Have you ever wondered what your dog's tail trying to tell you? Dogs use their tails to communicate all types of emotion. These emotions include happiness, aggression, pain, fear and much more. The purpose of the tail equally is to help with balance especially while walking on uneven surfaces. Dogs also use their tails to help jump, turn, navigate over objects and move around. Likewise, the t...
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